Services offered by PathFinder Coaching and Tutoring LLC

The company's goal is to prepare students to meet their academic potential, instilling self-confidence and helping them acquire life skills to succeed beyond the classroom. Its director believes, "Knowledge is the starting point on the pathway to success."
HOMEWORK HELP:  Help is available, whether your student needs to build overall study skills or requires additional instruction in math, reading, language arts, history, or science.
STUDY SKILLS: Where your student studies is critical to how your student studies. We can work with you to set up an area with the tools necessary to help your child stay focused. A study coach is also available to provide guidance on effective note-taking and tips for taking tests.  For additional information about our Building Essential Study Skills Program, including a diagnostic assessment of your student's current habits, check the "Study Skills" section of our web site.

ACADEMIC COACHING:   Together with a professional coach, your student will examine his/her learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success.  This will serve as the foundation for creating and putting into place an effective game plan.  Our goal is to heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve success and anchor this with new strategies, a supportive relationship, and personal accountability.

TIME MANAGEMENT: There are only so many hours in a day!  PathFinder Coaching and Tutoring can work with your child to develop daily and weekly schedules to ensure his or her time is used wisely. In addition to monitoring routine homework assignments, a tutor can give your student hints for maintaining a term calendar to plan for special projects. A part of our Building Essential Study Skills Program, please refer to the "Study Skills" section of our web site for time management techniques.
SUMMER STUDY PROGRAM: We can design a summer study program, tailored to meet your student's specific needs. After assessing last year's homework, quizzes, and tests, and talking with you and your child about next year's goals, a tutor can customize a plan using Fairfax County Public School and VA Department of Education benchmarks. Take advantage of the summer months to get a head start on the next school year!


ACT and SAT: Is your student college bound? Past students benefited from Pathfinder Coaching and Tutoring's 1-on-1 tutoring services by increasing their ACT and SAT verbal and math scores. Now is the time to learn essential test-taking strategies from an expert!   See the "SAT and ACT Prep" section of our web site for registration deadlines.
  • THIS SCHOOL YEAR'S SAT TESTING DATES: October 5, November 2, and December 7, 2013; January 25, March 8, May 3, and June 7, 2014.
  • ACT TESTING DATESSeptember 21, October 26,  and December 14, 2013; February 8, April 12, and June 14, 2014.

HSPT: Is your student applying for admission to a Catholic high school? If so, an experienced tutor can work with your student to prepare for the High School Placement/Admission Test (HSPT). Your student will learn essential test-taking strategies. During the individualized sessions, the tutor will focus on building reading skills and increasing the student's understanding of fundamental concepts in mathematics and language (areas measured by the HSPT.)