Below you will find testimonials from past students and their parents. Please contact Pathfinder Tutoring LLC if you require additional references.
High school study skills; ACT- and SAT-prep (2012-2014)
"Amazing Tutor -- don't know how we would have managed the school year without her!  Thanks so much!" - Suzanne Walker, posted 4-27-13, PathFinder Tutoring LLC Facebook page

High school senior tutored in SAT-prep (2011-2012 school year)

"I unequivocally recommend Pat Hudak as an SAT Tutor!  She is responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and personable.  She immediately established a rapport with our daughter who was preparing for her second SAT test.  Results, results, results.  Test score improved by 100 points!!!" - VJB, Fairfax Station, VA (Nov 2011)

High school senior tutored in ACT-prep (2011-2012 school year)
"Pat developed a very positive rapport with my daughter who was initially reluctant to receive tutoring for the ACT.  She was very knowledgeable and made my daughter feel confident in her ability.  This was the first time Laura took the ACT but I don’t believe she would have done as well without Pat’s help.  If I had another child I would definitely do business with Pat again. - KG, Springfield, VA (Nov 2011)
Tutored in Alg 1, Geom, academic coaching (2010-2014)
"Pat Hudak is patient, always calm and pleasant, on task and thorough.  My teen-ager likes Pat a good deal (which is always half of the battle!)  Pat has gone above and beyond what is asked of her.  She has taken a real interest in my teen, which I greatly appreciate.  I recommend Pat highly."  - Kate Sullivan, Fairfax Station, VA (Aug 2011)
9th grader tutored in Geometry (2010-2011 school year)
"You are the best math tutor!  You have established a wonderful working relationship with my son, Scott Welty. His report card showed the vast improvement in his Algebra 1 grade since you have been working with him. I am so happy that you are his math tutor. I highly recommend you to anyone who has a child struggling in math. Scott is more confident in his math abilities. I look forward to you continuing to tutor my son throughout his high school years.  Thank you." - Janet Welty, Burke, VA (Jul 2011)
Family of 1st, 3rd, and 6th graders; homework and study skills (2008-2009 school year)
"Patricia is a very patient and kind tutor. Her skills and method of teaching are great. - Yonatan from Lorton, VA
9th grader tutored in Algebra 1, English, organization and study skills
"It was always very apparent how Pat cared about my son. Pat prepared very extensively ... for every lesson. I appreciated Pat trying her best to motivate and assist my son." - SJL, Fairfax, VA

11th grader tutored in SAT-prep (2010 graduate)
" Pat was extremely knowledgeable and immediately established a supportive relationship with my daughter. Her communicative skills were top notch. She was easy to understand which was very important. My daughter's scores increased 60 points. And she had just met with Pat for 2 weeks!" - Lorton, VA

Rising 4th grader tutored in math (2009)
"Pat tutored my son this past summer, reinforcing his 3rd grade math skills. She used excellent worksheets and on-line practice problems that my son loved. Pat helped my son build his confidence and made these summer sessions enjoyable. I appreciate her patience and commitment." -Lewis T, Burke, VA 

Middle School Study Skill Development (2011-2012) (2015 Graduating Year)
"I was fortunate that Pat was available to work with my older son as he entered Middle School.  Diagnosed with ADHD, my son really needed help getting organized so that he could complete his assignments in a timely fashion, and develop study techniques (using available resources) to ensure he was comfortable with the all the material before he had to take a quiz or test.  I am very pleased with my son's final grades and, more importantly, the skills he has learned can be used as he enters high school and ultimately college. I would recommend Pat Hudak to anyone whose student is struggling ~ she is knowledgable (knows the Fairfax County Public School System curriculum); was tuned in to my son's "moods", adjusting study sessions accordingly; energetic and, most of all, patient! - Lewis T, Burke, VA (June 2012)

5th Grade Math – 2009 Summer Session
"Pat Hudak was a wonderful tutor. She made my daughter (who’s quite shy) feel very comfortable with her. Ms. Hudak was also very comfortable working with my daughter in our home. I loved the homework assignments that she gave to my daughter, because she could keep these assignments and use them to help her during the school year. Ms. Hudak would always talk to me after each session, and explain what math assignment she and my daughter were working on. I would totally recommend Ms. Hudak to any parent who is looking for a tutor. I would definitely work with her again. She is an amazing tutor, and I already see the confidence that my daughter has gained." - Mrs. Latanya Colbert-Martin, Fairfax, VA
High School Junior - tutored in Geometry and SAT (2011 graduate)
"Pat Hudak was my son's tutor for Geometry for approximately 9 months.  She started in the summer with a book that she recommended to help him get a head start for the school year.  The book and tutoring helped immensely and he was able to start the school year with a good basic understanding of Geometry.  During the school year Pat continued to tutor Dalton (our son) and it had a very positive effect on his grade and his knowledge re: Geometry.  Additionally, she helped him study for his first SATs and he exceeded the goal he set for himself.  My son is now a senior and has been accepted into 3 colleges so far.  He is suceeding in math and other areas of school and much of this has to do with Pat Hudak. She was very helpful, organized and knew when to help Dalton and when to let him figure it out for himself. I would whole-heartedly recommend Pat to any parent or student who wants professional, caring tutoring.  She is wonderful!"  - Susan McClanahan, Chantilly, VA