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SAT: Next Date is May 3rd
ACT:  Next Date is June 14th

 About PathFinder Tutoring LLC
- Fairfax County, VA Tutoring -

PathFinder Tutoring LLC provides exceptional in-home tutoring and academic coaching services to clients in Northern Virginia. Students using the company's services made notable improvements to their organization and study skills. Learning to better manage their time, students overall got better grades and scored higher on their Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) exams. Help is available from PathFinder Tutoring LLC, whether your child needs assistance with grammar, math, preparing for a standardized test (SOL, PSAT,SAT, or HSPT), or simply managing his or her time to ensure homework and projects are completed when due.

A special word:  For students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or executive functioning disorder, an experienced tutor is available to provide specific techniques to draw on their strengths and work to enhance or bypass weaknesses to improve overall functioning, e.g., sustained attention, task initiation, planning and prioritization, organization, and time management.  Building executive skills (skills necessary to help kids "get done what needs to get done") will help improve grades and ultimately provide a strong foundation for independent functioning outside the classroom.

Some typical tutoring results
  • Joey, diagnosed with ADHD, had difficulty organizing his time:  he was late with homework assignments, did not study for tests, and could never find what he needed in his backpack full of papers!  After working with a tutor, he learned how to manage his time by maintaining monthly and weekly calendars and set-up a system to help keep track of the papers needing to be turned in to school, filed for later quizzes or tests, or thrown out!  Joey's parents have been clients of PathFinder Tutoring LLC for over three years, also using our services to prepare their older son for the SAT and ACT.  We are proud to say Joey finished the last school year with one "B" and the rest "A's"!
  • Amy's 7th grade VA SOL assessment results showed she did not meet the standard, scoring a 343 on her Mathematics Test. She also struggled with getting her homework completed on time. Her parents sought help from PathFinder Tutoring LLC. A tutor worked with Amy to establish and maintain good organization and study skills. Amy finished the 8th grade with a B+ in Pre-Algebra, and an impressive 489 score on her Math SOL!
  •  High school junior, Becky, had scored a 1240 on her PSAT. Comfortable with math, Becky wanted to boost her critical reading skills and build her vocabulary. After working with a Pathfinder Tutoring LLC tutor, she scored a 1500 on her first SAT exam. 
  • With his second SAT test around the corner, Mark's parents contacted a PathFinder Tutoring LLC tutor to work with him. After 15 hours of intense study focusing on grammar, improving sentences and paragraphs, Mark increased his writing score by 60 points: from 350 to 410.
  • After the June 2011 SAT, Mary signed up for 20 tutoring lessons.  Working with a PathFinder Tutoring LLC tutor, she prepared for the November 2011 exam and improved her overall score by 100 points ~  including an 80-point jump in her math score:  from 460 to 540.